August 30, 2016

What’s in there

Datavora is mainly oriented towards B2C retail and allows to meet the recurrent issues in this area:

  • Based on the data history, you can build market trends for a prediction of the behavior of your reference market.
  • The key periods of the season: Christmas, Easter, Halloween, Black Friday …
  • The sales strategy of your competitors: Where do they sell? With which sets?
  • The positioning of your competitors in the same marketplaces: adequacy specifications / price / sales channels
  • The correlations between the pieces of data can be used by top management in order to be translated into Marketing and Sales actions.

The data may be available in English, French, German and other languages (Portuguese, Spanish). The reports are also available in these languages, mastered by Datavora team.

Datavora offers simple widgets adapted to the specific needs that facilitate decision making, based on the collected data.

Want A Sneak Peek of Our Data ?

Want A Sneak Peek of Our Data ?

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