Retailers, here’s what in it for you

Through its tracker and systematic alert tool, Datavora easily assists you to answer your daily questions.


See. Analyze. Predict.

  • Access global market data.
  • How is the market behaving ? What are its real prices?
  • Who is selling with better prices than me?
  • Am I proposing the better offer(s) on the market?
  • How is my core product is behaving on the market?
  • Is competition offering a better product with better prices?
  • Compare your price positioning for a given brand with the competition’s.
  • Make easier your reports to top management and undertake the better decisions.
  • Assess your position in your market and expand to other markets with clear, solid and useful data.
  • Are my sale strategy respected : in-store Vs online-store?
  • How can I benchmark on the other channels?
  • Is my offer the lowest ? Am I making a good margin?
  • A continuous and close follow up of online stores and websites allows you to track on daily and hourly basis
  • Up to 12 months of data history for a solid prediction
  • Predict competition’s behavior in the upcoming season
  • Prepare for key sales periods, like Christmas, Black Friday and Back-to-School

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