August 22, 2018

DATAVORA for Retailers

If you are an e-merchant, a marketplace or a reseller, DATAVORA has come to you with an outstanding solution for e-commerce monitoring. DATAVORA lets you increase your turnover, improve your margins, optimize your assortment and catalog and reach a better market position.

DATAVORA monitors your competitors:

  • Prices changes by your competitors with a daily and hourly refreshment
  • Promotions and price reductions on the market
  • Historical price evolution
  • Out of stocks and products availability

The data covers 2000+ retailers, e-shops and marketplaces and will allow you to:

  • Prepare the seasons of tensions on the market and meet the needs of your target customers on special events (Black Friday, Christmas, back to school, etc.)
  • Have the data that allows you to orient and refine your strategy on the European and global market.
  • Get strategic insights on the behavior of your competitors’ pricing based on historical data
  • Pull out and print management reports for easy decision-making with intuitive dashboards

All this data is available through an intuitive and easy to use dashboard creation platform, providing an easy access to different features using a simple drag-and-drop to create your analytics.

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