August 22, 2018

DATAVORA for Brands

Are you a brand selling on the Internet through your own Web sites and/or distribution channels? DATAVORA provides an unprecedented e-commerce monitoring solution for your daily activity. This platform will optimize your positioning, your pricing, your presence and your exposure.

Pricing and Positioning

DATAVORA will let you know about your competitors:

  • Prices changes with daily and hourly refreshments
  • Promotions and price decreases on the market
  • Historical price evolution
  • Product availability and out-of-stocks

Presence and Exposure

DATAVORA analyzes more than 2000 e-shops and marketplaces and  informs you about:

  • Which sites and markerplaces refer to your products?
  • Which are your competitors distribution channels and with which products are they dragging down the market?
  • Is your assortment optimized compared to your competitors?

And More…

The data covers 2000+ retailers, e-shops and marketplaces and will allow you to:

  • Prepare periods of tension in the market and respond best to its demand (Black Friday, Christmas, Back to School etc.)
  • Pull out and print management reports for easy decision making with intuitive dashboards
  • Adjust and refine your strategy on the regional and global market.
  • Make strategic intelligence on the pricing behavior of your competitors based on history

All this data is available through an intuitive and easy to use dashboard creation platform, providing an easy access to different features using a simple drag-and-drop to create your analytics.

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