Brands, here’s what’s in it for you, boost your sales and increase your market share with DATAVORA.

Monitor agreed pricing policies (MAP, MSRP, etc.) in your distribution channel in the country, currency and online shop you need daily and hourly. You can instantly monitor a distributor, compare prices of online shops and marketplaces from the biggest one to the smallests sellers.

Analyze your competitors’ products’ presence on the market.

Optimize prices and positioning with a benchmark of your competitors.

Be notified when promotions and actions happen. Monitor out-of-stock events and trade agreements with dealers and distribution channels.

Closely follow-up content integrity and brand image.

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  • Access global market data.
  • Presence in the right online store with the right price
  • See my offer in all the markets instantly
  • Are the other competitor’s offers sold out? When? Where?
  • Am I sold out ? When ? Where?
  • Who’s driving the market?
  • What are the other competitors selling ? and Where ? At which price?


  • Competition selling channels: What do they sell at which price ?
  • Benchmark and compare to competitor’s offer(s)
  • Closely follow up the terms agreed with resellers
  • Is it the right moment to make a promotion?
  • Is the competitors’ product really a direct competitor product technically?
  • Am I selling my product(s) on the right online store with the right price?
  • Can I compare my offer to competitor’s offer(s)?
  • How my promotion doing on the market?
  • Make easier your reports to top management and undertake the better decisions.
  • Assess your position in your market and expand to other markets with clear, solid and useful data.


  • Predict competition’s behavior on special events and its impacts on market demand (Christmas, Black Friday, Halloween, Back To School etc.)
  • Predict competition’s behavior in the upcoming season
  • A continuous and close follow up of online stores and websites allows you to track on daily and hourly basis
  • Up to 12 months of data history for a solid prediction


See. Analyze. Predict.

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